Linux kernel được nén kiểu gì? Phần 2

Linux kernel nén bằng LZO.



Its compression ratio is the poorest among the choices. The kernel
size is about 10% bigger than gzip; however its speed
(both compression and decompression) is the fastest.

Symbol: KERNEL_LZO [=n]
Type  : bool
Defined at init/Kconfig:309
  Prompt: LZO
  Depends on: <choice> && HAVE_KERNEL_LZO [=y]
    -> General setup
      -> Kernel compression mode (<choice> [=y])
        -> LZO (KERNEL_LZO [=n])

Linux kernel nén bằng LZ4.



LZ4 is an LZ77-type compressor with a fixed, byte-oriented encoding.
A preliminary version of LZ4 de/compression tool is available at

Its compression ratio is worse than LZO. The size of the kernel
is about 8% bigger than LZO. But the decompression speed is
faster than LZO.

Symbol: KERNEL_LZ4 [=n]
Type  : bool
Defined at init/Kconfig:317
  Prompt: LZ4
  Depends on: <choice> && HAVE_KERNEL_LZ4 [=y]
    -> General setup
      -> Kernel compression mode (<choice> [=y])
        -> LZ4 (KERNEL_LZ4 [=n])

Linux kernel nén bằng Zstd.



ZSTD is a compression algorithm targeting intermediate compression
with fast decompression speed. It will compress better than GZIP and
decompress around the same speed as LZO, but slower than LZ4. You
will need at least 192 KB RAM or more for booting. The zstd command
line tool is required for compression.

Symbol: KERNEL_ZSTD [=y]
Type  : bool
Defined at init/Kconfig:329
  Prompt: ZSTD
  Depends on: <choice> && HAVE_KERNEL_ZSTD [=y]
    -> General setup
      -> Kernel compression mode (<choice> [=y])
        -> ZSTD (KERNEL_ZSTD [=y])