Các khóa học Ansible automation của edX

edX hiện tại có 2 khóa học về Ansible automation như hình dưới

Fundamentals of Ansible của Red Hat.

  • Course introduction
  • Ansible Capabilities
  • Ansible Architecture
  • Ansible Configuration Files
  • Creating a Basic Ansible Inventory
  • Ansible Playbooks
  • Working with YAML
  • Working with Variables
  • RHEL System Roles:
  • Automating with Modules
  • Using Handlers
  • Using Conditionals

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Operations Professional

  • Use OCI CLI to create, discover, and terminate resources
  • Create shell scripts using OCI CLI
  • Use Oracle Resource Manager
  • Provision a simple set of OCI resources with Ansible
  • Manage custom images
  • Network Security Architecture: VCN, Load balancer, and DNS
  • Describe Scaling options
  • Billing and account management options in OCI Console
  • Troubleshooting